A Tree With Too Many Branches

'A Tree With Too Many Branches' is the first solo exhibition by Singaporean artist Ang Song Nian, a body of work exploring the perceptions of human-controlled natural landscapes and limit of possibilities. We were engaged to design the exhibition visual identity and collaterals.

Idea The visual identity expresses the exhibition title literally, by simply extend the logotype itself with extraneous strokes from within. This restrained approach mimics the artist's statement - on how we perceive to have a sense of control on natural environment through man-made potted plants.


Exhibition Graphics The identity is implemented both as a signage, and as a projected motion graphic at exhibition space DECK.

Memorabilia To mark the exhibition debut, a give-away papercup filled with soil and a packet of seeds is conceived and produced for the patrons. This memorabilia resonates with the question from the artist - "How are we defined by the environment which we try to control?".