Design Camp Nara: Baaku

We were invited as one of the three designers from Asia to participate in 'Design Camp Nara'. Hosted in Japan, it involved homestay with local poultry farm — Izusawa family in Nara prefecture, and conceived a design proposal for their business brand 'Baaku' over a 3-day period at the end of the programme.

Idea 'Baaku' is famed for their high-quality and organic pork produce. The family emphasises on the connection between people, food and nature as their core business principle.

In an effort to modernise their brand, we repurposed and stylised the looping shape of a pig tail as the new identity mark to symbolise this connecting principle — from people to food, food to nature, and from nature back to people, ad infinitum.

The device is thus strong, relevant and memorable.

Branding device 'Baaku' identity is further extended with a flexible branding device using the new identity mark, that allows expressive use with a wide variety of content in form of images and text.

Adaptation A comprehensive set of branding adaptation is conceived to demonstrate consistency of the design stories for the new identity.

Watermarked images used here are strictly for presentation mock-up purpose only


Video      Baaku website prototype

Baaku Family Programme