NUS DID Specialisation Course Platform

We were engaged to conceptualise and design collaterals for the new NUS Division of Industrial Design (DID) Specialisation Course Platform during the 2017 NUS Open House 2017 as part of their recruitment effort.

Idea Each visual identity for the courses took shapes from the size of the courses' name, and set in neon color palette. The result is a cohesive visual system for the platform as a whole with each course has its own unique colored silhouette.

Course prospectus Instead of conventional leaflet format, each course prospectus is a single large folded A1 size poster sheet. When fully opened, the sheer size of the course prospectuses and editorial aesthetic entices the reader.

The oversized and unbound format of the prospectuses in striking colors are forward thought through to help promote awareness and curiosity for the platform. When carried around by readers, these prospectuses command attention on the Open House event floors.

Mobile Website The visual identities are adapted to the platform microsite. This mobile-focused site facilitates immediate course sign-up and support for prospective students during the Open House event.