DOOR to ASIA 2015: Ishiwata Shoten

DOOR to ASIA is a design residency programme by Japan Foundation with the goal of helping local businesses affected by the Tsunami 2011 in Tohoku region through design. Six design agencies from countries in South East Asia are invited to participate in the programme.

Design As the representative designer from Singapore, we were tasked to work Ishiwata Shoten. Known for their sustainable sharkfin products and milky oyster sauce, our brief was to propose design solutions on introducing Ishiwata Shoten's milky oyster sauce to Singapore market.

Our solutions include conceptualising a new product brand identity, packaging and collateral design to support the marketing effort. As part of the programme requirement, the proposal was developed over a 3-day period after a week of research and on-site visitation with the Ishiwata Shoten.

Website A hypothetical educational website is proposed as part of a strategy to inform public in the consumption of sustainable sharkfin. The website exposes many common household products and food that are made from and contain traces of shark, as a first phrase strategy to educate, and to allow acceptance of shark consumption.