'Light&Life' is a joint photography competition organised by National Geographic Live (NatGeo Live) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU). Its aim is to encourage members of the NTU community to contribute creative photographic works using or creating light as the core theme. We were engaged to design the competition identity, collaterals and winner's exhibition.

Idea The visual identity takes cues from the saying 'Where there is light, there is life.' Serving as a conceptual counter to a visual subject, the design solution takes on a pure typographic approach throughout - by filling up a space with the written word 'light'.

Winner catalogue

Certificate envelope The certificate envelope is conceptualised to resemble a conventional photo paper packaging. The experience of opening the pack is designed to reminiscent the excitement one felt when processing a photographic print in black room for the first time, a nostalgic memory that is evocative to photographers.

Exhibition design

Exhibition photo: Clarence Aw