Esplanade Presents | The Studios 2017

Presented by The Esplanade, 'The Studios 2017—MARGINS' celebrates the work of Haresh Sharma, one of the Singapore's most established and respected playwrights. We were engaged to conceptualise a key visual design for the season.

Idea Haresh's plays have been known for multiple dimensions and perspectives in characters and commentaries, often steer spectators away from absolutes and reductive judgements.

To express this, we altered the facial image of the actress on a tessellated geometric grid to produce a unique visually distorted portraiture. She looks seemingly familiar yet unsettlingly alien. This shifting familiarity experienced by the audience echoes the nature of Haresh's work.

Visual Guidelines To ensure visual consistency, a basic application guideline is devised to assist the adaptation of the key visual by third-party vendors.