Notebook Vol.2: Inkling

We were invited as one of ten designers in Singapore to rethink and reimagine a notebook design for Notebook Vol.2: Inkling exhibition, curated by The Arm Collective and sponsored by Dominie Press.

Product Concept The idea for the notebook is our response against the relentless cases designed for almost everything digital, especially the mobile phones and tablets.

We concevied the notebook to come with a set of 10 interchangeable cover sleeves in variety of colors and textures resembling wood, leather and metals. The cover set is carefully considered and designed to try to appeal to a wide variety of visual and touch sensory experience.

The user is then free to easily change the very same notebook to look different everyday and at any moment, depending his/her mood, where or how he/she would like to express it.

Cover sleeves By designing the notebook to be as expressive and customisable as mobile phone cases,¬†we hope more people¬†will start carrying a notebook again — taking it out, holding and using it, and in the process falling in love (again) with it.