Let The Papers Sing To You

'Let The Papers Sing To You' is an interactive installation conceived by Roots as part of the creative showcase at the SingaPlural 2015 Festival.

Idea This installation explores the intimate experience between our sensory of touch and the physicality of paper. We feel the unevenness, the smoothness, the fibrous and porous, the sheen, the subtle graininess, the rhythmic patterns on paper surfaces, and we leave subtle unique finger marks on them in return as we touch, hold, flip, tear, fold and use them. This two-way relationship is so personal, and so individual that we often wonder, if we humanises papers, what will we hear from them?

Design A symbolic mark evoking the sensory expression of the installation is conceived as a visual identity to support the exhibition space design. The ear-cupping graphics suggests 'a moment to listen, and to wonder', and in turn relate the viewer to the sound sensory experience of the installation.

Reaction & Response The installation had provoked huge interests and reactions from festival attendees. Responses like "It's magical!" became the common feedback we have received.