Pet me, Pet me, Look at me, Love me

Presented by The Arts House, 'Pet me, Pet me, Look at me, Love me' is an exhibition exploring relationship between words and images by conceptual photographers Lavender Chang and Liana Yang. We were engaged to design the exhibition identity and catalogue.

Idea The identity logotype is conceived deliberately in austere typographic treatment to avoid any specific representation or dramatisation of the subject matters. By carefully arranging the types with relation with each other in spacing and alignment, they look minimal yet distinctive, and elicit a distinct visual rhythm.

Exhibition catalogue As the conception of the exhibition lies in exploring the role of literary expressions within the photography art, we took this a step further by deliberately avoid using any visual images in the catalogue, where they are described with written word in place instead, including the artists' own portraitures. The result is a catalogue that bravely engages and challenges the audience to explore the exhibition in textual perspective.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and vice versa.

Exhibition graphics

Photos by Lavender Chang