The Way We Were

'The Way We Were' is an art initiative by MessyMsxi and Ai Wei Lua, featuring original artworks by MessyMsxi based on the themes of Kampong and Trade of the 60s. This initiative is part of Singapore Memory Project. Various merchandise products are produced based on the artworks. We were engaged to design the project identity, collaterals and exhibition design.

Idea As the title alludes, the project reminiscents the past time and simpler lifestyle in the 60s in Singapore. The logotype is right-aligned for a backward-flow reading to suggest looking backward in time. An unconventional single color palette of hot pink is used to juxtapose with the illustration, and to ground the project with a visual sense of looking backward in modern presence.

Packaging In the past time, old newspapers were often reappropriated as packaging materials in shops and markets. Inspired by this traditional practice, an authentic 'Singapura Times' newspaper cover sheet dated 1969 is designed as point-of-sale wrappers for the merchandise products.

Labels & Photography

Exhibition The merchandise products were launched in an exhibition held within the atrium of National Library Building lobby. Faced with limited space and budget, our solution was to recycle and age found wooden palettes and crates as shelves and display stands. A fictional convenient shop in 60s brand is conceived to build the exhibition visual identity.