Singapore, very old tree

'Singapore, very old tree' is a project initiated by Robert Zhao to explore the stories behind the trees of Singapore.

Design The project is named after a mysterious postcard dated 1904 from the Singapore’s national archives. It features a small man at the foot of a very tall tree. This is thus adopted as the signature graphics. The project produces a boxset which consists of a pack of 30 postcards, a companion book and a map of trees in Singapore.

Postcards There are 30 postcards in the boxset, each featuring a unique or famous trees in Singapore.

Companion book The companion book which chronicles the stories of the trees in the postcards, is designed in the form of a small pocket book format, as to complements the postcards' size.

Map The map charts over 20 trees of interest, their stories and locations on where to find them. Each of these trees are painstakingly rendered to closely resemble the real life counterpart.