Unfettered ink: The Writings of Chen Chong Swee



Completed in



National Gallery Singapore


D&AD Awards 2018 (UK)
Wood Pencil

DFA Design for Asia Awards 2017 (HK)
Merit Award

Golden Pin Design Awards 2017 (TW)
Design Mark

Featured in

Asia-Pacific Design No.13

'Unfettered ink: The Writings of Chen Chong Swee', published by National Gallery Singapore, is a compilation of anecdotes, discourses and essays penned by the fame Nanyang-style watercolour artist, spanning over a 30-year period.
Unfettered ink

We designed 'Unfettered ink' to highlight his drawings and paintings as a visual extension to his literary depth, by having a sliver of his sketch sequentially printed on the edge of each page. When a reader lightly presses the book to flip, the sketch artwork is then instantaneously made visible.

This gesture expresses, unfettered by medium, the intimate relationship between his art and literary thoughts.

Unfettered ink
Unfettered ink

The book comes in both English and Chinese languages, which allow a second piece of his sketch to be revealed when flipped in reversed side.

Unfettered ink
Unfettered ink
Unfettered ink
Layout & Typography
Unfettered ink
Unfettered ink
Unfettered ink